5 Methods To Stop Hair Fall

Are you still confused in your selection of hair care products? Have a break from all this and spend your time and a bit of money on eating fresh fruits, vegetables and your other favourite hobbies. Healthy eating does contribute in the growth of healthy hair.

Apart from healthy living, intake of adequate water and enough sleeping are also needed. The best DIY methods are here to stop your hair fall along with the dermatological treatment. Also, if you are in Melbourne, you can visit the best hair salon to get some really effective treatments. If you are too busy, give us only five minutes and let’s gain voluminous hair with easy steps.

Ways to stop hair fall

1. Enjoy salon treatment: Have a monthly appointment in the best hair salon and they will help you in gaining healthy hair. All problems regarding hair will be treated well here with the help of professionals hairstylist.

2. Green tea: The advantages of regular green tea consumption help you in gaining good health as it contains antioxidants. But here we have some different tips for you. If you are suffering Hair fall can be prevented with the green tea hair mask with the egg yolk.

3. Black pepper and lime seeds: These ingredients are easily available at home and can work magically to put a stoppage at hair fall. Apply on your scalp after grinding them. Within some weeks, your hair fall problem will be less. Don’t be afraid of any side effects, these natural products won’t affect you.

4. Onion and garlic: Sulphate shampoos are good for your hair as experts say. Onions and garlic are rich sources of sulphur that help in fast hair growth. Chop onion finely and use the extracted juice to massage on your scalp with light hands. Select a mild shampoo to wash it off and the smell will not bother you. The chopped onions with honey can be used as a hair mask. Use boiled garlic with coconut water and apply it on the scalp. Keep massaging the scalp with this mixture twice or thrice a week.

5. Aloe Vera is great: Pick some Aloe Vera and neem leaves, grind them and add a few drops of olive oil to prepare this effective hair mask. You can go for using the Neem and Aloe Vera powder forms to prepare this paste. Apply it twice a week and soon visible improvement you can notice in hair growth.

Keep it in mind that a healthy lifestyle leaves its reflection on your skin and hair. So before you try these methods or undergo salon treatment, ensure that you are maintaining it.

Nicole Urena